University’s Values

Throughout its history, every classical university shapes its own value principles, which create a unique spiritual space imbued with a feeling and understanding of its mission, relations both within the university corporation and with the outside world.

Karazin University is no exception. Throughout its long and glorious history, our university has nurtured at least 12 fundamental values that are stable guidelines for the activities and behavior of representatives of the Karazin University corporation.

1. Unity of science and education

The University harmoniously combines education and scientific research, provides instruction on the basis of the latest scientific findings, demonstration of the logic and methodology of scientific inquiry, involvement of students in active research work.

2. Democratic, collegial self-government

We cultivate free democratic discussion and collegial decision-making on the fundamental issues of the University life with the participation of academic and student self-government.

3. Civic consciousness

Karazin University upholds and protects the interests of society and the Ukrainian state, opposes encroachment on the rights and freedoms of people, resolutely defends them, develops responsibility for one’s own choice and the choice of the University based on patriotic beliefs.

4. Enlightenment

The University supports, enriches and disseminates the national and universal scientific and cultural heritage, preserves and polarizes scientific knowledge, artistic creativity and art values.

5. National and cultural identity

The Karazin University community understands the importance of preserving the Ukrainian people’s national and cultural identity, implements cultural and scientific projects aimed at conserving our rich historical and artistic heritage.

6. Democracy

The University has an atmosphere of equality and freedom of decision-making for both students and staff. The University administration is open to wishes and remarks concerning the implementation of the educational, scientific, and work process.

7. Free thinking

We adhere to the values of a free person, which develop on the basis of critical thinking. And we also affirm the human right to freedom of thought, free knowledge of the essence of the world, a critical attitude to established views and beliefs.

8. Humanism

The University recognizes the value of a person regardless of age, gender, social status, ethnic origin, religion or atheistic beliefs; a person’s rights to unlimited development of abilities and creative self-fulfillment; actively assists in the implementation of these rights.

9. Creativity

Karazin University creates conditions and fosters necessary qualities for creative activity of faculty members and students, for production of new ideas, implementation of original, non-standard approaches in all areas of the University activity.

10. Academic responsibility and integrity

We adhere to academic responsibility and integrity, strictly protect intellectual property rights and apply sanctions in case of plagiarism.

11. Openness and tolerance

Karazin University is open to ideological intercultural dialogue, free exchange of information, openness of scientific discussions, tolerant communication with various human communities, expansion of international scientific, educational, and cultural communication and cooperation.

12. Perfection

We focus on the most perfect examples of the academic process, scientific activities, on continuous improvement of the quality of education and research.


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