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Established in 2000, the School of Psychology became the first separate psychology school in Ukraine. The Scientific Psychology School of Kharkiv University is associated with the names of prominent scientists of the 19th century, such as Johann Shad, L. Liubovskyi, P. Kovalevskyi, O. Potebnia, D. Ovsianyko-Kulykovskyi, O. Pohodin. An important event in the prehistory of the School was the development of the Kharkiv Psychological School in the early 1930s. The Ukrainian capital of that time united O. Leontiev, O. Luria, P. Halperin, O. Zaporozhets, and P. Zinchenko who headed the University Department of Psychology in 1964. In 1972, the University opened a psychology division. One of the outstanding scientists of the time was H. Sereda, who headed the Department of Psychology until 1995. From 2000 to 2008, O. Laktionov was the dean. He pioneered research on individual experience psychology in domestic science. The School of Psychology researchers are still actively working in this area.

Along with this, the following research areas emerged at the School of Psychology: memory psychology, developmental psychology, health psychology, sex-role psychology, and modern teaching technologies.


Today, the School consists of 4 departments and 2 laboratories:

  • Department of General Psychology (Head — V. Olefir),
  • Department of Applied Psychology (Head — I. Kriazh),
  • Department of Pedagogy (Acting Head — Associate Professor O. Zhukova),
  • Department of Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy (Head — O. Kocharian);


  • Personality Development,
  • Psychodiagnostics.

The School offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in Psychology. Forms of study: full-time and part-time.

The School employs 8 Doctors of Sciences and 28 PhDs in Psychology. They are highly qualified specialists with practical experience, who teach students using their own programs.

There are classrooms with modern equipment, a computer classroom and a library, Internet access at students’ disposal.


Scientific achievements of the School of Psychology researchers are described on the pages of the Bulletin of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, series "Psychology", journal "Psychological Counseling and Psychotherapy", and "Scientific Notes" of the Department of Pedagogy, which are included in the list of professional publications of Ukraine. Every year, the School holds the International Youth Scientific Conference "Vectors of Psychology". The Kharkiv International Psychological Readings are regularly held.

The School’s students actively participate in the social life of the School and the University. The organizer of events is the Collegium of Postgraduate and Undergraduate Students of the School of Psychology, which cooperates with the School’s student self-government bodies, namely: the Student Research Society, the Student Council, and the School’s Trade Union.

Every month, students publish the newspaper "Psyche", hold meetings of the student club "We and Time". Students demonstrate their knowledge and creativity at the School’s annual competitions in psychology and in research. The School’s graduates are in demand in the psychological services market. Today, psychology covers almost all spheres of human life, psychological knowledge is used in economics, politics, education, production, social and personal spheres. They work in various professional fields: educational and scientific institutions, recruiting institutions (recruiting agencies, IT companies, employment and career guidance centers), psychological counseling services, hotlines, law enforcement agencies, in business (management, personnel management, marketing, advertising, PR), social organizations, etc.


Надія Петрівна Крейдун

Nadiia Kreidun
PhD in Psychology, Professor
Phone: +380 (57) 707-51-37
Address: room 455, 6 Svobody Sq, 61022, Kharkiv

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