How to Be a Student?

Student life involves a variety of scenarios and situations. In order to be able to make plans in advance, you should know about the procedures of transfer, reinstatement, expulsion, as well as understand how to obtain an individual plan or a leave of absence.

So for what reasons can a student be expelled from the University?

This can happen for the following reasons:

  • student’s own initiative;
  • non-fulfillment of curriculum;
  • breach of contract;
  • other cases provided by the current legislation.

Students are expelled by order of the University President, at the request of a dean (director of the institute).

Persons who studied on state demand may be reinstated in state-funded places if they are available. If there are no vacant state-funded places, the above-mentioned persons may, with their consent, resume studies on a fee-paying basis.

And what do you need to do to get reinstated to the University and resume your studies?

Reinstatement of students is carried out by the University President, regardless of the duration of a break in studies, reason for expulsion, employment history, form of study, and taking into account the applicant’s ability to successfully meet the academic schedule.

It is prohibited to reinstate students in the first year. Students expelled from the first year may be reinstated in the second year, provided that they complete missing credits before classes start.

An application for reinstatement or transfer must be considered within two weeks and the applicant will be notified of enrollment requirements or the reason for refusal.

Reinstatement of students expelled from educational institutions is carried out by order of the institution president during holidays.

The following documents are attached to the reinstated student’s personal record: an extract from the enrollment order, application, academic transcript.

As a rule, missing credits must be completed before the start of classes.

If you need a temporary break from your studies, you should know about a leave of absence. It is time away from studies which a student can take in case of reduced productivity caused by acute diseases that require long-term rehabilitation treatment; exacerbations of chronic conditions or frequent diseases (more than one month per semester); anatomical defects that do not allow for restorative treatment during studies.

The maximum duration of a leave of absence is one year. If necessary, it may be extended for another year.

Фото Світлана ІзюмськаA maternity leave, childcare leave until the child reaches the age of three, and in case the child is ill and needs home care — until he/she reaches the age of six, are provided in accordance with the Labor Code of Ukraine.

First-year students are not eligible to re-start their studies.

Each student has an individual curriculum plan. This document contains information on his/her academic disciplines and their sequence, internships, workload for all types of educational activities, types and terms of final semester assessment and certification, and, if necessary, changes to the individual curriculum plan. It is compiled for each academic year.

The student can modify the individual curriculum plan and obtain permission to set up an individual academic schedule for the following reasons:

  • realization of the student’s right to academic mobility;
  • medical reasons;
  • family circumstances;
  • realization of the student’s right to work in extracurricular time, in particular, abroad.

The student is responsible for the implementation of the individual curriculum plan.

You can find more information in the section «Academic Process».

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