Education and Research Institute "Institute of Public Administration"

The Education and Research Institute "Institute of Public Administration" is a modern educational and research complex, which has no analogues in the Eastern region of Ukraine in terms of scale and specificity of activity. The institute is intensively developing, constantly improving and expanding the system of educational, methodical and scientific-expert services, gaining more and more recognition among specialists of public authorities, entrepreneurs and the general public.

Due to its integration into public administration processes, the institute plays a consolidated role in the professional discussion of issues related to important changes in the state and society, and moves towards social change, demonstrating a professional attitude and constructive approaches to solving tasks.


The institute is designed to meet the public need for the training of professional leaders of the new generation, morally oriented to managerial activities in public authorities, local governments, the corporate sector of the economy, business structures, civil society organizations, introducing the principle of European standards.

The mission of the institute is to provide modern and high-quality training of highly qualified managers to solve the problems of innovative sustainable development of Ukrainian society, formation of professional competencies and leadership qualities of specialists based on the best international practices and democratic values.

The mission of the institute determines its activities, which consists in training highly professional staff, meeting the needs of executive bodies, local governments, other organizations and institutions of various spheres of society and industries in specialists capable of competently and responsibly performing management functions, implementing the latest social technologies and innovation processes in Ukraine.

The institute carries out scientific and methodical support of educational activity for the purpose of increase of professionalism and competence of administrative shots. First of all, this applies to educational and professional training programs at the second (master's) and first (bachelor's) levels of higher education in the field of knowledge "Public Administration", "Social and Behavioral Sciences", "Management and Administration" according to world and European standards.

In addition, the institute is not limited to existing programs, but diversifies the training process by introducing certificate programs aimed at training newly elected deputies at various levels, future prefects or government officials, heads of newly established OTGs, top managers of socially responsible enterprises, NGOs.


Continuous improvements are introduced into the training system in accordance with the needs of stakeholders, in particular, practice-oriented project-based learning: students learn to solve specific practical problems in real conditions today.

The institute provides a continuous cycle of training of professional managers throughout life. Training is not only formalized (long-term and short-term programs), but also modern: dual education, project- and problem-oriented training, results-oriented, quality implementation of the full HR-cycle - from career start, professional development and ending with motivation for acquired competencies and their application in practice.



Lyudmila Belova
Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor 

Phone: +380 (67) 712-20-58, +380 (50) 975-83-93

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