Center for Employment

The Educational Center for Practical Training and Employment is a structural subdivision of Karazin University and part of the Education Quality Assurance Department.

"Karazin Career Week" is annually held with the support of the Center for Practical Training and Employment. Students have the opportunity to get acquainted with employers and internship programs, attend masterclasses on job search and career start, motivational meetings with managers and specialists of companies, successful graduates, etc.

The main activities of the Center are:

  • establishing cooperation with enterprises, institutions, and organizations, public or private, which can be places for practical training and employment of graduates and students;
  • ensuring coordination with central and local executive bodies, employment services and enterprises, institutions and organizations (employers) on meeting real demands of the labor market and educational services market;
  • informing graduates and students of the University, dean’s offices about job vacancies in their field of study (specialty) at enterprises, institutions, and organizations;
  • monitoring graduates’ employment at their place of residence together with the State Employment Service;
  • supporting the rights, interests, and needs of the University students and graduates in employment in their degree field;
  • assisting in employment of the University students and graduates, their adaptation to changing demands for specialists in the labor market;
  • engaging student youth in entrepreneurial activity, creating appropriate conditions for functioning and effective development of youth entrepreneurship;
  • helping temporary employment of students in their non-study time, supporting the development of youth initiatives in labor and social spheres;
  • creating a feedback system between enterprises, institutions, and organizations (employers) and the University for objective assessment of the quality of specialist training;
  • organizing the University’s participation in preparing and implementing regional employment programs;
  • studying and disseminating the best national and international practices in professional training and employment of young people;
  • organizing explanatory work to inform students and graduates about normative legal acts on state regulation of employment and labor relations;
  • cooperating with recruitment agencies for employment of students and graduates;
  • organizing meetings of employers with students and graduates on the possibility of their future employment at these particular enterprises, institutions, and organizations; events to promote employment of students and graduates (Career Days, workshops, research and practice conferences, job fairs, roundtables, etc.);
  • providing consultations to students and graduates on writing a resume and posting it on the University website;
  • monitoring graduates’ employment and tracking their career growth;
  • planning and coordinating the Schools’ activity on employment of students willing to work in extracurricular time;
  • finding employment for student and youth labor unions and contributing to their effective work;
  • concluding agreements on internships, maintaining relations with employers on internships for students and vacancies for students and graduates;
  • coordinating the Schools’ work on organizing internships, effective use of places of internships;
  • monitoring software and methodological support for all types of practical training;
  • documenting, monitoring, and analyzing all types of practical training, conducting instructive meetings with heads of internships, concluding agreements on using enterprises and institutions as places of internships.

You can find out more about the activities of the Center for Practical Training and Employment on the official Facebook page.

In addition to the activities of the Center, Karazin University carries out other formats of activity and cooperation that open up career and educational opportunities for students and graduates.

Every year, Karazin University holds the Job Fair with the support of Ukraine’s and the world’s top companies (NIX Solutions AB InBev Efes, Global Bilgi, DataArt, STVgroup, Nowy Styl Group Ukraine, VOLIA, Reikartz Hotel Group, Codica, Appus, Volans Marine Agency, Jelvix, Wise, Artjoker, Logity, Gameloft, and many others). This is a unique platform for future and young professionals to meet with potential employers.


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