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The School of Biology offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Specialist programs in Biology. After a 4-year course of study, undergraduate students obtain the qualification of a biology laboratory assistant. On the basis of a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Specialists and Masters are trained in the educational programs "Biology", "Biochemistry", "Genetics", "Human and Animal Physiology".

In 2015, the School began to train Bachelors in Biotechnology. After a 4-year course of study, students obtain the qualification of a biotechnology specialist.

The School of Biology offers full-time and part-time education. Students can enroll in full-time and part-time studies by state order and under the terms of an individual contract. Everyone has the opportunity to receive a second higher education on a fee-paying basis.

Students undergo their academic and on-the-job training at the Biological Station, the Museum of Nature, the Botanical Garden, reserves. The School maintains scientific relations with many research institutes and higher education institutions of Ukraine and other countries.

The School of Chemistry and the School of Biology together with the Center for Pre-University Education hold I. I. Mechnikov Chemistry and Biology Tournaments for schoolchildren of 7th-11th grades.

Employment of Graduates

Specialists in Biology, Biotechnology and Bioengineering have a wide variety of employment opportunities.

The School of Biology graduates work in biological, medical, environmental, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and food institutions according to their specialization; teach biological disciplines in secondary and higher education institutions. The best graduates of the School pursue a postgraduate degree. The School of Biology starts training PhDs in Biology. The program includes general scientific, special, language, teaching disciplines. During 4 years, postgraduate students conduct scientific research, which ends with writing and defending a PhD dissertation.

Research and International Cooperation

The School of Biology maintains scientific relations with many research institutes and higher education institutions of Ukraine and other countries. The School conducts both fundamental and applied research under state and contractual projects. The results of scientific research performed with the participation of the School’s employees, postgraduate and undergraduate students are published annually in more than 100 articles, in particular in globally recognized professional journals.

The School of Biology fruitfully cooperates with a number of foreign research centers. The School’s faculty members regularly undergo internships and conduct research abroad in top research institutions.

The School of Biology employees are members of international research societies and participants of international expeditions. The School takes an active part in training foreign students.

The Student Research Society of the School is involved in organizing biological tournaments, the conference of young scientists "Biology: from a Molecule to the Biosphere", roundtables, competitions; conducts classes with schoolchildren.

Professional Publication

The School of Biology publishes the Bulletin of Kharkiv National University, series "Biology”. The Editorial Board includes leading experts in various fields of biology.

Editorial Office Address:
room 6-13, 6th floor, 4 Svobody Sq
Phone: +380 (57) 707-55-71

History of the School

The history of the School began in 1804 with the creation of the Department of Natural History and Botany, Division of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. The University biologists have made a great contribution to the development of national and world science. Among them are the Nobel Prize winner I. Mechnikov; famous botanists V. Cherniaiev, L. Reinhardt, L. Tsenkovskyi, V. Arnoldi, O. Korshykov, L. Shkorbatov, O. Matviienko, Yu. Prokudin; mycologists-phytopathologists A. Potebnia, T. Strakhov; physiologists and biochemists of plants V. Palladin, V. Zalesskyi, H. Semenenko; zoologists O. Chernai, O. Nikolskyi, V. Stanchynskyi, S. Medvediev, E. Umanskyi, M. Kalabukhov, Ye. Lukin, V. Epshtein; human and animal physiologists I. Shchelkov, V. Danylevskyi, O. Nahornyi, V. Nikitin; biochemists I. Bulankin, Ye. Parina, P.Kaliman; genetics I. Poliakov, M. Dubinin, V. Shakhbazov.



Yurii Hamulia
PhD in Biology, Associate Professor
Phone: +380 (57) 707-55-01, +380 (57) 707-52-32
Address: room 3-11, Main Building, 4 Svobody Sq, 61022, Kharkiv

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