Partners Company, Service is an anti-plagiarism Internet-based system designed to verify the originality of texts submitted, in particular, by postgraduate and undergraduate students before defending their qualifying papers.

The purpose of the service is to prevent copyright infringement and illegal use of someone else’s intellectual property; to create an anti-plagiarism network covering the whole world to protect the papers of researchers and students; to cooperate with higher education institutions, government bodies and publishing houses; to support individuals who want to protect their intellectual property from plagiarism.

Unicheck Company


Unicheck is an online plagiarism detection service that checks text documents for borrowings from open Internet sources or the user’s internal document database.

Unicheck’s mission is to improve the quality of education in Ukraine by introducing the principles of academic integrity into university culture and improving the academic motivation of students and faculty.

To check a text for plagiarism with Unicheck you need: the simplest computer, browser and Internet access. It does not require very complex technical support or the latest equipment. It takes Unicheck up to 20 seconds to verify one page of text, and all users of the educational institution can work with it at the same time.

Unicheck can work with texts in 22 languages and with various document formats.

Today, the number of users of the service is about 1.5 million worldwide. The Unicheck plagiarism detection service is already successfully used by more than 90 Ukrainian and 350 foreign universities.

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