Why Choose Karazin University?

Over more than two centuries of existence, Karazin University has made a significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian society, providing a strong impetus to transform Kharkiv into a powerful scientific and cultural center, the educational capital of Ukraine. Currently, the university rightfully occupies top positions in nationwide rankings among classical universities and is well-known beyond the borders of Ukraine.

Karazin University is associated with the names of globally renowned scholars, scientists, and educators such as Petro Gulak-Artemovsky, Mykola Kostomarov, Oleksandr Lyapunov, Oleksandr Potebnya, Mykola Beketov, Dmytro Bagalii, Mykola Barabashov, Oles Honchar, Oleksiy Pohorielov, and many others.

Kharkiv University is the only one in Ukraine where three Nobel Prize laureates studied and worked: biologist Ilya Mechnikov, economist Simon Kuznets, physicist Lev Landau.

The names of university graduates are immortalized in geographical names, names of celestial objects, plants and minerals, laws and formulas. Over 65 university alumni have become full members and corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Throughout all these years, Karazin University has evolved and absorbed the best global practices. According to the QS World University Rankings 2024, Karazin University ranks 691-700 globally. Currently, over 15,717 students are enrolled in the university. And if you intend to join their ranks, you will definitely not regret it. Because Karazin University offers classical education combined with innovative teaching methods. It is a classic that stays ahead of its time. University students have the opportunity to participate in international student exchange programs and study in EU countries, double degree programs with leading EU universities in France, Poland, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, and others. The university collaborates with leading employers, and students can intern at Ukrainian and international companies such as NIX Solutions, SoftServe, and others.

We don't just offer quality education; within our university walls, you can immerse yourself in a democratic atmosphere of scientific and cultural fervor.

Karazin University has a developed student government that not only protects students' rights but also influences the university's development, providing students with interesting leisure activities. Additionally, Karazin students have the opportunity to participate in various creative and sports activities, test their organizational and leadership skills.

Of course, the choice of an educational institution is influenced not only by prospects but also by learning conditions. Karazin University can offer students accommodation in a modern student campus, access to university cultural and scientific centers, museums, including the University History Museum, the Museum of Nature, the Museum of Archaeology, the Museum of Astronomy, as well as the botanical garden, sports facilities, a powerful library, a modern coworking space, and more.

By choosing Karazin University, you choose the future. Because all our steps are aimed at anticipating all the challenges of today.


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