Space for Development

Karazin University gives not only education, but also all-round development. The University students have the opportunity to use their creative, athletic and organizational skills in a variety of areas.

Among the University structural subdivisions is the Cultural Center, which ensures the activities of numerous creative teams. So at the University, you can join:

Academic Student Choir;

  • Student Theater;
  • folk dance group Sontsevorot;
  • modern dance group Favorit;
  • Schools’ teams of the Merry and Witty;
  • hip-hop modern dance group;
  • poetry lovers club;

The Academic Student Choir was created in 2004. Its artistic director and conductor is Andrii Syrotenko. During its existence, the Choir became the winner of the City Contest of Student Amateur Performers Student Spring 2006, the All-Ukrainian Festival of Spiritual Songs From Christmas to Christmas (Dnipro, 2007, 2009, 2013), the International Choir Festival Singing Extravaganza (2012, 2013). In May 2008, the Choir took part in the XXVII International Festival of Church Music Hajnówka 2008 in Poland. In September 2013, the University Academic Student Choir won the Grand Prix of the XX Anniversary Oleksandr Zaitsev International Festival Contest of Choral Art Pivdenna Palmira (Odesa). The University Student Choir is a participant of many university, city and regional arts and cultural events. The Choir's repertoire includes classical, spiritual, folk, and modern songs.

The Student Theater, which has existed for quite a long time, ceased its existence for a while. A new stage began on February 15, 2018, when, on the initiative of the University President, Vil Bakirov, Karazin University held the first meeting of its students and staff to discuss the opening of the Student Theater. In the Theater, students learn the basics of acting, movement techniques, learn to dance, work on stage speech. Every Theater instructor works individually with each student both on the task, correcting mistakes, and on psychological development in general. You can get familiar with the activities of the Student Theater on social media: Facebook, Instagram.

The dance group Sontsevorot was created in 2001. During its existence, the group has won district, city, and regional contests of amateur performers and become a welcome participant of festivities held at prestigious concert venues of the city. The artistic director of the group is Merited Artist of Ukraine Iryna Koshchavets.

The ballroom dance group Favorit was created in 2002. It is the winner of the city contests of amateur performances Kharkiv is 350, Student Spring (2005, 2006, 2007, 2009).

The University also pays considerable attention to solo singing. A lot of student vocalists have won city, regional, international festivals and pop song competitions.

The University also has the student Internet Radio ZIR. The project was implemented with the support of the U. S. Embassy. The radio tells about everything: the brightest announcements, events, author programs and interviews.

As far as sports activities are concerned, Karazin University has the Unifekht Sports Complex. There, you can do strength fitness, aerobics, yoga, Pilates, dance, martial arts, aqua fitness, futsal, and more. However, the most respected sport in the Complex is fencing. Fencing appeared at V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University in the mid-1960s. Since then, Karazin University students have firmly held leading positions among Kharkiv higher education institutions. The University students got the opportunity to participate in the Spartakiad thanks to one of Ukraine’s best specialized bases, represented by the Unifekht Fencing Club.

The Unicourt Tennis Club is located at the University Main Building. It has 13 outdoor courts with clay and hard surfaces, a tennis palace with six courts (two of which have DecoTurf surface), a gym, a room for practicing techniques and special physical training. The Club has training walls with a total length of over 100 meters. The Specialized Children and Youth Olympic Reserve School based at the Club has trained about 30 masters of sports and two masters of sports of international class.

Karazinites can also fulfil their ambitions at the Student Research Society. It unites undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral students, and young scientists of the School and is part of Karazin University self-government system. The purpose of the Research Society is to fulfil the young generation’s scientific, technical, and organizational potential, which contributes to the development and popularization of national science.

In addition to the above, in 2018, the University opened the modern interactive coworking space Karazin Student Hall, which is a student space of a new format. It is a perfect place for implementing educational and cultural projects, spending leisure time in a useful way. Workshops, seminars, masterclasses, competitions, exhibitions, festivals, and meetings with famous people are held there. You can find out more about Karazin Student Hall on the Facebook page.

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