Health Care

People’s health is not only their personal issue. It is also an important task for society to care about harmonious spiritual, social and material development of citizens, especially young people. That is why, in 2015, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University developed the Student Health Program. Its purpose is to preserve and strengthen the health of students, to form a morally, physically and mentally healthy generation.

The tasks of the project are the following:

  • to introduce the concept of health as a global value, to form students’ motivational and value attitudes to a healthy lifestyle, spiritual and physical development;
  • to use the University’s scientific and logistical potential for implementing this project;
  • to integrate the activities of the University Schools and units in strengthening the health of students and engaging them in a healthy lifestyle;
  • to develop innovative medical and preventive technologies, standards of first medical aid and conditions for practical skills acquisition by students, using the University clinical structures;
  • to introduce student health monitoring, a system for identifying and assessing factors that hinder health preservation, primary prevention measures;
  • to support and initiate student health-improving actions;
  • to organize a volunteer movement of senior medical students to disseminate basic medical knowledge, emergency aid skills, healthy lifestyle, planning and self-control of the training process.

The project is implemented both by faculty and students of the School of Medicine and with the help of special institutions. Thus, if necessary, the University students can contact the City Student Hospital (Front Desk: + 380 (57) 706-15-14, + 380 (57) 725-51-78). Today, it is a multidisciplinary treatment and prevention institution that provides medical care for students of 24 public institutions of higher education. It opened in 1897 for students of the University (now Karazin University). Since 1921, it has been operating as the first student hospital. Currently, it provides health care at three levels: primary — in 14 primary health care centers and 9 health care centers located in higher education institutions; secondary — in a clinic with 3,000 visits per day, during which doctors provide all kinds of health care, including medical examination and testing; tertiary — treatment in a hospital with 180 beds for students and 60 beds for the Chernobyl Accident liquidators. Health care is provided by 800 employees in 34 fields.

Students are provided with the following health services:

  • emergency care;
  • preventive care for chronic noncommunicable diseases;
  • medical and diagnostic;
  • psychological;
  • formation of healthy lifestyle skills, prevention of addictions and unhealthy habits, etc.

Some figures: annually, the Hospital registers about two million student outpatient encounters, which is ten visits per student.

As part of the Student Health Program, specialists and students of the School of Medicine hold a number of annual events with colleagues from other Schools, including Learn About Your Blood Pressure, Spring Has Come — Lose Extra Kilos!, Assess Your Physical Fitness Before Summer, etc.

In the University Northern Building (1st floor) and Main Building (2nd floor), there are health care centers with necessary tools and medicines to provide qualified emergency care and consultations. Besides, the Training Center for Social, Educational and Extracurricular Activities employs psychologists who give free qualified psychological assistance on various issues to the University students (room 621, Northern Building). Consultations are confidential.

Within the framework of disseminating basic medical knowledge, students of the School of History, School of Philology, School of Foreign Languages are taught to give first aid, measure heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, etc. In order to prevent diseases among students, relevant research and practice conferences are held, social network pages are created, awareness-raising activities on the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases are carried out, etc.

The University students with health issues are provided with special conditions for exercising their right to education.

Medical care is given to all the University students who need it, both from other regions of Ukraine and countries of near and far abroad.


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