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The School of Philosophy was established in 2001. The School consists of five departments: J. B. Shad Department of Theoretical and Practical Philosophy, Department of Theory of Culture and Philosophy of Science, Department of Ukrainian Studies, Department of Valeology, Department of Political Science, and the D. I. Bahalii Center for Ukrainian Studies.

School Structure

About 30 doctors of sciences, professors, and more than 60 PhDs, associate professors work at the School. Such professional level of faculty of all the School’s departments not only enables training of highly qualified specialists, but also quality teaching of social and humanitarian disciplines for students of all the University schools.


The School of Philosophy offers Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in three majors: Philosophy (full-time and part-time), Culturology (full-time), and Human Health (secondary education) (full-time and part-time).

In total, the School’s students with different majors study more than 200 academic subjects, which enables them to fulfil their individual scientific and educational interests and aspirations. Among them are: History of Philosophy, Philosophical Propaedeutics, Gnosiology and Epistemology, Metaphysics and Ontology, Phenomenology, Philosophical Hermeneutics, Practical and Communicative Philosophy, Philosophical Anthropology, Logic, Religious Studies, Archaic Culture, Ethnocultural Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Semiotics of Culture, Fundamentals of General Theory of Culture, General Valeology, Protective Systems of the Body, Physiology of Healthy Lifestyle, Social Aspects of Health, Valeosophy and Valeoethics, Ethnovaleology, and others.

Most graduates of the School of Philosophy do not stop cooperating with the School after graduating from the University and receiving higher education, because the School has postgraduate and doctoral programs to train highly qualified specialists. Three Thesis Committees for defending PhD and doctoral dissertations work successfully at the School.

The School’s graduates work as teachers of philosophical, culturological, valeological disciplines in higher education institutions of the I—IV levels of accreditation, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges; as officials of state institutions, consultants, and experts of public organizations.

The School’s scientific life is active and fruitful. Faculty members of the School’s departments annually publish 10 professional Bulletins, about 10 monographs, more than 200 scientific articles; organize and hold up to 15 conferences. The Student Research Society works purposefully, regularly holding thematic meetings of philosophical, culturological, and valeological sections. The International Scientific Conference of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students "Kharkiv Student Philosophical Readings" is traditionally held. Top students have the opportunity to participate in international research conferences, competitions and Olympiads, publish the results of their research in professional scientific journals.

The School of Philosophy pays considerable attention to its future applicants. Every year, the School holds a contest of research papers of members of the Minor Academy of Sciences (sections "Philosophy", "Religious Studies", and "Valeology"). The All-Ukrainian Philosophical Historical and Regional Conference of Student Youth "Discover Yourself, Your Family, Your People" has become traditional. In November 2008, the School initiated the work of the Minor School of Philosophy, which conducts free classes for senior and graduating students of gymnasiums, lyceums, secondary schools, graduates of colleges, vocational schools. The students of this School have the opportunity to attend lectures of leading faculty members of the School, take an active part in discussing the most interesting and topical issues of human life at seminars.

The School of Philosophy interacts with many relevant institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, universities and non-governmental organizations in Ukraine, near and far abroad.


Iван Васильович Карпенко

Ivan Karpenko
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor
Phone: +380 (57) 707-54-77
Address: room 249, 6 Svobody Sq, 61022, Kharkiv

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