Development Strategy of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University for 2019–2025


Strategic vision of the university's future

The development strategy of Karazin University for 2019-2025 was approved by the decision of the conference of the university's labor team on December 27, 2018.

It envisages the development of the university in five areas: university science, educational activities, the place of the university in the global scientific and educational space, the infrastructure of the Karazin University life, and university management.

Project presentation

Projects for implementation of strategic vision

Project 1.1.

"Increasing the competitiveness of university science in the world academic space"

Within the scope of the project, it is planned to create an effective system of scientific research organization, which would correspond to the existing regulatory framework and be able to ensure the competitiveness of scientific schools and increase the competitiveness of university science in the world academic space.

The project envisages reaching the world level in modern directions of fundamental science, bringing the scientific-metric indicators of humanitarian, socio-political, medical and economic science to a level identical to the indicators of natural sciences, and strengthening positions in international rankings.

Project 1.2.

"Modernization of the material base of scientific research"

The goal of the project is to create a material and technical base at the university for conducting competitive scientific research and developing effective scientific schools.

The project is aimed at completing the analysis of the current state of the material and technical base of scientific research and, based on its results, preparing a proposal for writing off obsolete equipment, devices and measuring tools; creation of a Center for the collective use of valuable and unique equipment at the university.

Project 1.3.

"Creation of a system of effective stimulation of teachers and scientists to world-class scientific developments, innovative activities, development of applied research"

The project is aimed at creating a Fund for the support and development of inventive activity at the university (with the aim of developing applied research, increasing the number of invention patents, ensuring the purity of patent searches and the possibility of patent support in foreign countries); the creation of a Fund for the development and support of start-up projects (with the aim of developing scientific, scientific and technical, grant, innovation and investment activities at the university, developing international scientific cooperation and the scientific level of start-up projects and increasing their number, creating the latest competitive in terms of the final product development).

Project 1.4.

"Commercialization of scientific developments"

The goal of the project is to develop an effective mechanism for the promotion of commercial proposals, the development of start-up projects and social entrepreneurship projects.

Project 1.5.

"Creating a communication system with leading national and foreign corporations interested in university innovative developments"

The project envisages the creation of business entities (in the form of an LLC, science park, etc.), the founder of which is the university, which will significantly simplify interaction with business partners; solving the issue of the need to create a Business Incubator and a University Science Park (for the purpose of implementing start-up projects and developing university entrepreneurial initiatives).

Project 1.6.

"Effective postgraduate and doctoral studies"

The goal of the project is to create an effective system for training highly qualified personnel from a scientific, educational, methodological, economic and organizational point of view, which would correspond to the existing regulatory framework.

The project provides for the formation of specified tasks for the training of highly qualified personnel for the faculties and research institutes of the university among citizens of Ukraine and foreign citizens; reviewing the list of supervisors of graduate students and scientific advisors of doctoral students, taking into account the effectiveness of their work and the need to rejuvenate this group.

Project 2.1.

"Karazin University entrant"

The project is aimed at supporting and strengthening the existing system of pre-university work with talented children, further development of successful career guidance practices, strengthening and finding new opportunities to popularize the university to attract talented and motivated entrants to bachelor's programs, in particular, natural and physical-mathematical profiles, as well as an emphasis on the attraction of internal and external entrants to master's programs.

Project 2.2.

"Graduate of Karazin University"

The goal of the project is to develop a model of general requirements for a university graduate with an organic combination of professional, social, entrepreneurial, language and computer competencies.

Joint projects 2.3-2.4

"Didactic and psychological adaptation of first-year students. Effective curator"

This project is designed to create and maintain a comfortable climate for studying, living and communication of first-year students, effective work of curators of academic groups aimed at solving students' problems.

Project 2.6.-2.7

"Web platform for employment and practical training of Karazin University"

It is planned to reorganize the practice of interaction with existing employers (practice bases) and create a modern infrastructure for effective communication between employers (practice bases) and students at the university, improving the practical component of the educational process.

Project 2.8.

"Electronic learning" (creation of an effective dynamic balance of classroom and remote forms of learning)

The project is aimed at ensuring the access of full-time and part-time students to high-quality electronic educational resources.

Project 2.9.

"Information and computer competence of teachers"

The purpose of the project is to create means and methods of monitoring and increasing the level of information and computer competence of university employees, which are necessary for the consistent and successful implementation of modern information and computer technologies both for university management and for the implementation of the latest approaches in the educational process.

Project 2.10.

"English in the educational process"

The project involves increasing the level of English language proficiency among the teaching staff, scientists, administration and students of the university; increasing the number of employees with B2, C1 certificates for revitalizing international cooperation and publications in foreign publications.

Project 2.11.

"Newest psychological and pedagogical learning technologies"

The project is designed to develop a system of psychological and pedagogical support for subjects of the educational process, which includes: a bank of the latest psychological and pedagogical technologies aimed at ensuring the quality training of modern specialists; preparation of the self-development school of subjects of the educational process; scientific and methodological support of the educational process, taking into account the specifics of teaching disciplines of various profiles.

Project 2.12.

"Modernization of material, technical and software support of the educational process"

The project is aimed at creating a hardware and software platform for the infrastructure of the corporate network of the university (KMU), capable of providing guaranteed open access to information and open code of educational products and technologies; updating of computer equipment (lifetime no more than eight years), laboratory equipment, educational devices and equipment.

Project 3.1

"International Partnership"

The goal of the project is the intensification of international cooperation on a bilateral and multilateral basis.

Project 3.2.

"The university opens to the world"

(creating an internationally oriented university branding model)

The project involves the creation of an internationally oriented brand of the university to solve the main tasks of the university (for example, recruiting Ukrainian and foreign applicants, integration into the international academic space, international partnership, etc.); ensuring systematic, regulated and standardized actions for the promotion of the university in the international and domestic dimension.

Project 3.3.

"Graduates abroad"

The project is aimed at creating a modern general database of university graduates by faculty who work or continue their studies abroad and foreign graduates, in particular thanks to the involvement of university graduates in the scientific and practical activities of the university (joint publications, research, editorial boards of university publishing houses, involvement in the development of educational - professional programs, promotion of employment of young specialists); formation of a "community of graduates" working in foreign institutions and foreign graduates.

Project 3.4.

"University publications in international scientometric databases"

The project is aimed at promoting the academic publications of the university to the top scientometric bases; strengthening positions regarding the rankings of academic publications of the university; positioning of the university as a leader among publishers of academic publications in the Ukrainian segment and Eastern Europe; increase of English-language content, shared numbers with foreign universities; recognition of the corporate style of university publications, increasing the presence of publications in the Internet space, especially in the international segment.

Project 3.5.

"International academic mobility"

The key goal of the project is the intensification of bilateral international mobility.

The project is designed to create the "Office of the Erasmus+ project coordinator of Karazin University", which will provide a full cycle of providing informational, organizational, advisory and other services and support to participants of bilateral international academic mobility. The creation of "Karazin Camp" (organization of international summer and winter schools for students of Karazin University and partner universities) is also planned.

Project 3.6.

"International grant programs"

The project aims to stimulate the participation of university departments, teachers and scientists in international projects and grant programs. As part of the work on the project, it is planned to involve and consult with experts, in particular from the directors of research institutes.

Project 3.7

"Foreign students"

The goal of the project is to attract foreign citizens to study at all faculties, to develop and implement high-quality English-language educational programs at the faculties.

The project envisages the creation of the "Service Center" of the Educational and Scientific Institute of International Education based on the "single window" principle (tuition payment, recognition of educational documents, settlement, insurance, issuance of certificates and documents related to the educational process, library service, adaptation, etc.).

Project 4.1.

"Development strategy of the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University Clinic"

The project envisages a gradual transition to healthcare based on prevention and informatization of the industry; quality personnel training; creation of modern medical infrastructure.

The creation of university clinics is considered as a mechanism that allows for the integration of departments of higher educational institutions and the medical department of the clinic for the further formation of a single medical-industrial complex in the region.

Project 4.2.

"Development of physical education and sports of Karazin University"

The project provides for the development of physical education and sports infrastructure;

internationalization of culture and sports of Karazin University; popularization of university sports among students and youth in Ukraine and abroad; development of sports in the scientific activity of the university.

Project 4.4.

"Modern University Library"

In the course of the project, it is planned to achieve the following main goals: the scientific library of the university should become a base for supporting scientific research; the scientific library should serve as a base for university educational activities; should occupy a significant place in the global scientific and educational space.

Project 4.5

"Comfortable study, leisure and living conditions"

The project is aimed at creating comfortable conditions for learning in classrooms, laboratories and sports facilities, computer classes, the Central Scientific Library, educational practice bases, equipped with modern technical teaching aids and software in accordance with the licensing requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine; - provision of all students of higher education who need housing for the duration of their studies, places in student dormitories that meet the requirements of sanitary and building standards.

The project is designed to make all educational buildings and the entire infrastructure of the university accessible to persons with disabilities and other groups with reduced mobility in accordance with state building regulations, rules and standards with available documentary evidence from a certified specialist or an authorized institution; to ensure the implementation of the inclusive educational process program at the university.

Project 4.6.

"Modernization of the museum complex"

The project envisages the creation of an extensive university museum complex, with the aim of carrying out a variety of work that corresponds to the principles of museum pedagogy of the 21st century (use of innovative methods, implementation of cross-disciplinary projects, active participation in science popularization processes, the museum as a center for communication with the professional community and wide circles of the public). .

Project 4.7.

"Service accommodation"

The main goal of the project is the purchase of ten service apartments.

Project 5.1

"Classic ahead of time"

This project involves the study and preservation of the best university traditions, the enrichment of university corporate culture, the organic combination of traditions and innovations for the purpose of forming a positive image of Karazin University, the grouping of the team around university values, and the improvement of forms of university self-representation.

It is planned to implement a purposeful memory policy, mark the university space, develop established rituals that accumulate European university traditions and at the same time correspond to Ukrainian realities, effective forms of self-representation, determine the specifics and directions of development of modern university culture, form corporate loyalty and group identity around the university.

Project 5.2

"Management decisions"

The project is aimed at optimizing the processes of approval, distribution and control over the implementation of management decisions, the application of a project approach to solving tasks.

Project 5.3

"Electronic management"

Implementation of measures for a complete transition from paper document circulation to electronic.

Project 5.4

"Modern technologies of personnel management"

It is planned to introduce an automated personnel management system at the university, online monitoring of current issues of the development and work of the university staff using the "Assessment-center" method, to develop an electronic database of the personnel reserve, a toolkit for social support of the university staff, a system for improving the qualifications of university employees by category.

Project 5.5.

"Professional growth"

The project involves the implementation of modern team-building technologies, coaching technologies for development and professional, personal and professional growth of personnel, "mentoring institute", career planning system, implementation of measures aimed at formation and development of corporate culture of the university. A significant emphasis is placed on supporting young workers.

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