Academic Integrity

190808-142333-IMG_1237 (1) Karazin University pays considerable attention to compliance with the rules and norms of academic integrity in its educational and scientific activity. Academic integrity contributes to the effectiveness of the education system, which provides real knowledge and skills and not just documents on education.

The implementation of the principles of academic integrity means that in teaching, learning, and research, students, faculty and scholars must adhere, above all, to the principles of honest work and study.

20180418-IMG_1588 In order to disseminate practical knowledge and skills in implementing the basic principles of academic integrity, the University holds seminars, masterclasses, presentations, lectures, etc. In particular, in the current academic year, a three-day training marathon for the University students and faculty was held, and the book Academic Integrity as a Basis for Sustainable Development of the University was presented.

DSC07879 The publication of dissertations of the University administration and employees was an important step in developing a new academic culture based on trust, honesty and transparency.

In addition, the University is a partner of the Strengthening Academic Integrity in Ukraine Project (SAIUP), which is an integral part of the new academic culture in Ukrainian higher education institutions and a prerequisite for successful development of society.

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