Legal Department

Контакти підрозділу:

Room 2-47, 4 Svobody Sq, 61022, Kharkiv

(057) 707-53-12
(057) 707-56-31


Часи прийому працівників та відвідувачів:

Monday: 13:30 - 15:30

The Legal Department of the University was established in 1999. Its activities are regulated by the Provisions on the Legal Department of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University.

The main tasks of the Department are to organize legal work aimed at correct application, strict compliance with legislation, other regulations by the University administration and staff when performing their professional duties; as well as to represent the University in court. The Legal Department provides legal assistance to the University students and employees in need of social protection.

The legal work of the Department is guided by the recommendations of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, whose bodies inspect the tasks assigned to the Legal Department. In 2001, according to the results of the inspection by the Kharkiv Regional Department of Justice, the work of the University Legal Department was recognized the best, and the University was determined to be the basic institution for internships of legal advisers of the region. In 2007, the activity of the Department was recognized the best in organizing legal work and legal education among enterprises, institutions, organizations of Kharkiv.

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