Education Quality Assurance Department

Контакти підрозділу:

room 2-69, 4 Svobody Sq, 61022, Kharkiv

+38 (057) 707-51-10


The Education Quality Assurance Department is a structural subdivision of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, created by the University Academic Board’s decision of October 31, 2016 in order to optimize the management system, to ensure and control the quality of the educational process.

The Department consists of the following structural subdivisions:

  1. Educational Center for Academic Process Management.
  2. Educational Center for Academic Process Quality Management and Monitoring.
  3. Educational Center for Methodological Work.
  4. Educational Center for Practical Training and Employment.
  5. Educational Center for Socio-Educational and Extracurricular Activities.
  6. Educational Center for Computer Technology.
  7. Educational Center for Technical Support and Exhibition Activities.

Main tasks: to coordinate the work of the internal system of education quality assurance; to plan, organize, and provide scientific and methodological support for the academic process, extracurricular activities; to assess and certify students; to shape a culture of quality.

Main areas of activity:

  • development of the University documents on organization of the academic process and extracurricular activities;
  • organization and coordination of educational activities for undergraduate and graduate students, introduction of European standards and rules into students’ training and assurance of education quality;
  • monitoring of the academic process, control over implementation of higher education standards, educational programs, curricula, compliance with education legislation, standards set out in the University documents;
  • monitoring of implementation, regular revision of educational programs in accordance with the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (2015) with the involvement of the Scientific and Methodological Council of the University;
  • organization and coordination of student assessment;
  • organization and coordination of practical training and employment;
  • implementation of measures to prevent academic fraud, to ensure transparency and objectivity in assessing the outcomes of learning and certification of undergraduate and graduate students; organization and control of measures to prevent and detect plagiarism in theses;
  • organization and coordination of licensing and accreditation of educational and professional programs for undergraduate and graduate students;
  • organization and coordination of scientific and methodological support for the academic process;
  • examination of the state of technical support for the academic process, development of plans for its renewal, provision of technical aids for classes, other activities taking place at the University
    introduction of advanced teaching methods; development, implementation, and operation of information and communication systems of the University;
  • generalization and analysis of the results of activity of the University educational structural subdivisions;
  • provision of official reports on education;
    planning, organization, and coordination of the work on providing favorable conditions, education, housing, extracurricular activities, social and psychological support for students, including foreigners and individuals with special educational needs;
  • educational activities, work on developing the University students' civil responsibility, patriotism, academic integrity, corporate culture;
  • ensuring interaction and cooperation of the administration with student self-government bodies, trade unions, other student organizations;
  • ensuring the University's participation in research on ranking higher education institutions, analyzing the results of participation in this research, and developing recommendations to improve the University's performance;
  • entry and correction of complete and reliable data into the Unified State Electronic Database on Education;
  • ensuring the University's participation in educational exhibitions;
  • preparation of materials on the activities of the Department, for the University President, the Academic Board, the Scientific and Methodological Council of the University.
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