Integrating Dual Higher Education in Moldova and Ukraine — COOPERA

KKNU structure involved: Education And Research Institute ˮKarazin Business Schoolˮ
Project coordinator: Yuliia Kvitka
Project Web page:
Erasmus+ Action type: Capacity Building in Higher Education
Project reference: 617490-EPP-1-2020-1-MD-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP
Duration: 15 January 2021 14 January 2024
Coordinator: Academy of Economic Studies, Moldova
Budget: 967,200,00 €


The current social environment and high youth unemployment afflicting Europe, has led European policy to favour education seeking to promote the employability of young people. The crisis and the effect it has on the high unemployment rates, especially among the youth, has led some countries to give great importance to dual education at all educational levels and to speed up policies and reforms for the development of this system of education. The key feature of Dual (cooperative and work-integrated) Higher Education (DHE) is the unique combination of theory and practice. The university’s curriculum combines higher education and on-the-job training at numerous partner companies, aiming to provide both academic skills and work-related expertise. In that regard, the academic content conveyed in classroom is complemented with workplace experience, so that real-life situations immediately test the effectiveness of classroom theory and vice versa. The project aim is to integrate Dual Higher Education (DHE) in the Partner countries in general, and to improve individual employability and development, increase suitability and continuity between the demands of the professional world and the initial training of university students, and achieve of greater economic efficiency and social integration, in particular.


Academy of Economic Studies, Moldova — grant holder
Duale Hochschule Baden-Wuerttemberg (DHBW), Germany
Universitat de Lleida, Spain
Varna University of Management, Bulgaria
Akademia WS, Poland
European Policy Development and Research Institute, Maribor, Slovenia
Technical University of Moldova
Free International University of Moldova
Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of Moldova
Uzhhorod National University, Ukraine
ˮKROKˮ University, Ukraine
V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
Odesa National University of Economics, Ukraine
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

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