Erasmus+ KA2 CBHE

Curriculum Reform to Promote Education for Peace in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova – PeaceEdu

Modernisation of university education programmes in foreign languages by integrating information technologies / DigiFLEd

Distance Education for Future: best EU practices in response to the requests of modern higher education seekers and labour market / DEFEP

Students’ Personalized Learning Model, Based on the Virtual Learning Environment of Intellectual Tutoring ˮLearning with No Limitsˮ / SMART-PL

International Students Integration and Adaptation / INTERADIS

Integrating Dual Higher Education in Moldova and Ukraine / COOPERA

Foreign Language Teacher Training Capacity Development as a Way to Ukraine’s Multilingual Education and European Integration / MultiEd

Academic Response to Hybrid Threats / WARN

Mediation: Training and Society Transformation / MEDIATS

Integrated Doctoral Program for Environmental Policy, Management and Technology / INTENSE

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