EU Constitutional Law

KKNU structure involved: School of law
Project Web page:
Erasmus+ Action type: Jean Monnet Academic Modules
Project reference: № 101047498
Duration: 1 March 2022 – 1 March 2025


The concept of the discipline is based on the understanding of the EU law as a special system of law, different from both the international law and the national legal systems of the states-participants. The discipline is based on the thesis that the formation of the EU law as an autonomous supranational legal system involves not only the accumulation and integration of the relevant normative acts, but also its gradual differentiation with the selection of certainindustries and institutions. The constitutional law occupies the leading role in the EU legal system, as well as in national legal systems, because primarily it is due to its subject of legal regulation. The core of the subject of the EU constitutional law consists of two blocks of public relations: a) the relations determining the institutional and functional organization of public authority in the EU; b) relations characterizing the basis of the legal status of a person in the EU. These basic political and legal relations act as a matrix that determines the formation and development of the relevant basic institutes of the EU constitutional law.

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