EU Contract Law / EU-Contract


KKNU structure involved: The School of Law

Project coordinator: Kyrylo Voronov, Associate Professor of the Department of Civil Law Relations, the School of Law

Project Web page: under development

Erasmus+ Action type: Jean Monnet Academic Modules

Project reference: 101127494

Duration: 2023–2026

Coordinator: V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine

Budget: 30,000,00 €


The "EU Contract Law" (EU-Contract) is the introduction to the European contract law, its crucial elements, principles and basic concepts. Aimed to promote the EU contract law values and expand knowledge on the EU contract law, "EU-Contract" is based on the idea of Ukraine's strategic goal of gaining EU membership which cannot be achieved without implementing the European legal standards and values of contractual regulation, without harmonizing of the contractual system of Ukraine with the legal system of the EU. "EU -Contract" will give students the opportunity to understand the complex structure of the European contract law, focusing on its main features, but taking into account the profound changes to have taken place for the last 20 years.

The course "EU Contract Law" ("EU-Contract") is aimed at popularizing European business standards, decent business practice in general and honest behavior in contractual relations, at the contractual regulation of private relations, as well as spreading knowledge of the EU contract law in particular.

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