Happy Knowledge Day!

1 вересня 2022 року

Today we celebrate Knowledge Day and the beginning of the new academic year!

This is an important holiday for everyone involved in educational activities: schoolchildren and students, teachers and lecturers. The new school year begins on September 1, and therefore an interesting, unexplored and difficult path to new knowledge and an independent life opens.

Knowledge is the driving force of our existence and life. It involves not only the possession of certain information or awareness in some field. In the process of learning, a person acquires everyday communication experience, gets to know the world around them, gets to know themselves and reality, and determines their place in society.

In the conditions of war, this school year begins differently for everyone. "Education in spite of the war" has been the motto of the Karazin University since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. And this means that we continue to work and train. Obtaining a quality education gives us an understanding of what we are defending today, and an opportunity for the reconstruction and prosperity of Ukraine after the victory.

Congratulations on the Day of Knowledge! We wish you a peaceful sky, patience, perseverance, inspired work and creative success. May the new academic year be filled with amazing discoveries and professional achievements!

Текст: Marharyta Moroz
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