Education and Research Institute of Ecology



The School of Ecology was created in 2007. It offers Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s degree programs in “Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources”. The School trains students in collaboration with partner schools (School of Chemistry, School of Biology, School of Geology and Geography, Institute of High Technologies, and others.)

The School offers full-time, part-time, and distance learning. After four years of full-time study, students receive a Bachelor's degree, then for another two years they earn a Master's degree.

Part-time and distance learning: Bachelor’s degree — five years, Master’s degree — one year. Graduate students have the opportunity to specialize in Master's programs of partner schools.


“Environmental Safety”, “Environmental Management”, "Reserve Management and Studies” (Master’s, Specialist degrees).

The School conducts research in the following areas: environmental safety, the impact of environmental pollution on food quality, soil and environmental studies, assessment of natural resource potential of Kharkiv region, landscape and ecological studies, aerospace studies of earth surfaces (radiogeography), environmental education and upbringing, ecological expertise, environmental management and audit, environmental activity management, prevention and liquidation of emergency situations.

The School consists of the Department of Ecology and Neoecology; Department of Environmental Safety and Environmental Education; Department of Environmental Monitoring, Management and Emergency Prevention.

The School’s departments have branches in leading research institutions: National Research Center "O. N. Sokolovskyi Institute of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry", UAAS; Ukrainian Research Institute of Ecological Problems, and others.


Ганна Валеріївна ТітенкоHanna Titenko
PhD in Geography, Associate Professor
Phone: +380 (57) 707-53-86, +380 (57) 705-09-66
Address: room 481, 6 Svobody Sq, 61022, Kharkiv

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