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The Research Institute of Chemistry was established in 1929. It is the first research institute founded at Kharkiv University. Today, it consists of four research departments: Department of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Solutions, Department of Radiochemistry and Radioecology, Department of Physical and Organic Chemistry, Department of Theoretical Chemistry and Astrochemistry. It has a certified center for experimental data standardization, a molecular interaction laboratory, a glass furnace, a specialized library and computer network. The Institute staff includes one Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Ukraine, six Doctors of Sciences, and over 20 PhDs. The research activity combines fundamental and applied projects. The Institute conducts the following studies: ionization and electrocrystallization of metals in aqueous and aqueous-organic solutions; development of waste-free resource-saving technologies for instrument engineering and machine building enterprises; experimental and theoretical study of association processes for certain classes of organic chromophores accompanied by change of spectral-luminescent properties of solutions, which can be applied in chemical analysis; photonics of luminophores with anomalously large Stokes shift of luminescence; development and application of radioactive indicators method for solving applied tasks in chemistry, radiobiology, and radioecology; theoretical study of electric and magnetic properties of molecules and molecular systems; computer modeling of chemical equilibrium of stellar and planetary masses.

The research achievements include patented processes for: disposal of spent etching solutions and extraction of copper-bearing compounds from them; quantitative determination of chemical toxicants (surface-active substances, and others); quantitative determination of biologically active components (flavonoids, anthocyanins, carotene sulphur, and others) in phytogenous products; formation of high-temperature superconductor layers on metal and dielectric surfaces. The Institute also develops new therapeutic medicines for protecting the human body from radiation damage. Some of them have already been tested and are being produced commercially. The Institute successfully cooperates with more than ten large national and foreign research centers (the USA, Poland, Great Britain, Sweden, Turkey, etc.).

The Institute participates in training chemists through postgraduate and doctoral studies. The laboratory facilities of the Institute are used for on-the-job (pre-graduation) practice of students, and internships of chemists from other organizations. Together with the School of Chemistry, the Institute annually publishes the “Kharkiv University Bulletin. Chemistry series”. Every year, the Institute leading specialists engage in the academic activity: they give lectures, run laboratory classes, supervise students’ graduation papers, fruitfully work with talented students and schoolchildren.

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