Works by Karazin University students published on the website of the Royal Geographical Society

23 may 2023 year

In January-March 2023, the Department of Physical Geography and Cartography of the School of Geology, Geography, Recreation and Tourism of Karazin University held 3 online workshops for students and teachers on creating virtual field trips.

The realization of this idea became possible thanks to the cooperation of Dr. Simon Hutchinson from the University of Salford (UK), who was the main speaker at the events, and a team of teachers from the School of Geology, Geography, Recreation and Tourism: Associate Professor Nataliia Popovych, Associate Professor Kateryna Borysenko and Senior Lecturer Vladyslav Popov.

Although virtual excursions cannot completely replace the unique experience of field research, they greatly help in the distance teaching of natural sciences. That is why this initiative has attracted the attention of the Royal Geographical Society, which is the most influential professional association of geographers in the UK. In their blog Geography Directions, they published an article dedicated to supporting Ukrainian teachers who are currently forced to abandon field practices for security reasons and work with students online.

The website of the Royal Geographical Society also features mini-interviews with students of the School of Geology, Geography, Recreation and Tourism: Ilona Kostyrenko, Sofia Ivanenko and Polina Dovzhenko. The students told us how they chose their future profession, what inspires them in geographical science, and how they created their virtual excursions. You can read these materials and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the picturesque corners of Ukraine presented in the virtual tours by following the link.

We are grateful to the teachers and students of Karazin University who, even during the war, do not lose their motivation and represent the university in the international arena with dignity!

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