The work of Karazin Humanitarian Headquarters

9 june 2022 year
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We tell about the work of the Karazin Humanitarian Headquarters.

It was created during the first days of the war to quickly help students, university staff and their families. We share the statistics of appeals to the staff from students and staff of the university, as well as their relatives:

  • more than 1,000 people on evacuation assistance;
  • 104 students on financial assistance provided to them by the Trade Union of Students, Postgraduate and Doctoral Students of Karazinsky for the total amount of 104 thousand UAH;
  • 117 employees on financial support provided to them by the Trade Union Committee in the total amount of UAH 280,000;
  • more than 450 families of Karazin residents with a request to provide them with humanitarian aid in the form of food and personal hygiene products, clothing;
  • 60 people with a request to provide medication;
  • 10 people with a request to help find loved ones with whom the connection was lost: 7 people were found;
  • 50 people with information questions;
  • 50 laptops were distributed to students and teachers for remote work.

The University expresses its sincere gratitude to the staff of the humanitarian staff who help everyone who needs it on a daily basis. We thank the partners who send humanitarian aid, all the benefactors who donate the money, and the volunteers. As well as the University Alumni Association, which funds various projects to help the Karazin community, including the purchase of medicines, food, laptops, transportation of evacuees and more.

We work for victory!

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