President of the university Tetyana Kaganovska took part in an informational visit to the NATO headquarters

1 грудня 2022 року

From November 30 to December 1, 2022, the President of Karazin University, Tetyana Kaganovska, at the invitation of the NATO Information and Documentation Center, paid an informational visit to the NATO headquarters in Brussels (Belgium).

The visit was organized within the framework of the cooperation program between Ukraine and NATO. In total, 8 representatives of higher education institutions of Ukraine and civil society took part in the events.

As part of the information visit, meetings were held with senior NATO representatives and representatives of the Mission of Ukraine. The participants of the events held briefings and discussed NATO's political agenda, the decisions of the Madrid Summit, partnership with Ukraine, the scientific program "Science for Peace and Security" and support for Ukraine.

Текст: Margarita Moroz
Фото: Tetyana Kaganovska
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