The Institute of Public Administration at Karazin University Presented a New Logo

11 april 2024 year

 The Institute of Public Administration at Karazin University presented a new logo. It replaced the temporary logo of the institute.

The event was attended by representatives of the administrative and teaching staff, as well as the Student Council of the institute. The creation of the updated logo for the Institute of Public Administration was carried out by the Public Relations Center of Karazin University.

The updated logo combines the traditions and classic elements of the Karazin logo with special symbols specific to the institute. The ornament of the Presidential Mace of Ukraine signifies the continuity of the age-old historical traditions of Ukrainian statehood. The font aims to declare the mission of the university and symbolize the continuity of traditions and the connection between generations. It is based on the typography of Ukrainian banknotes by Vasyl Krychevsky, a Ukrainian artist, architect, graphic designer, and founder of Ukrainian professional university education in architecture and art, originating from the Kharkiv region.

The author of the logo is illustrator Hanna Sereda.

Text: Margaryta Moroz
Photo: Valeriya Bogynia
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