Karazin University Continues its Work with Teachers and Educators

12 april 2024 year

Karazin University has been providing professional development for many years, enabling them to deliver personalized and socially oriented education to students. This direction remains one of the main focuses of the university's activities.

Karazin University has launched training courses for teachers and educators from educational institutions in various districts of Kharkiv, one of the de-occupied rural districts of the Kharkiv region, and Odessa.

The educational process in the professional development courses, conducted by the Center for Postgraduate Education, is facilitated by highly qualified academic and pedagogical staff from the Department of Ukrainian Literature History at the School of Philology, departments of the School of Mathematics and Computer Science, as well as the university's permanent external partner, Kharkiv Lyceum No. 46 of the Kharkiv City Council.

During the training, participants engage in online lectures, familiarize themselves with the methodologies for the new model programs for future 7th grade students of the "New Ukrainian School," develop working educational programs based on them, and participate in a series of practical sessions and trainings on current scientific and pedagogical achievements and discoveries, conducted by representatives of Kharkiv University's researchers.

At the inaugural session, the director of the Center for Postgraduate Education, Mykhailo Tatarinov, welcomed the participants, conducted a briefing on life and health protection in wartime conditions, revealed the specifics of the educational process under diversified schedules, and engaged attendees in entry evaluation. The memory of Ukrainians who perished since February 24, 2022, was honored.

The educational process will continue until April 29, 2024.

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