Karazin University joined the Christmas marathon of physical experiments

20 january 2023 year

During December 2022, a competition for school youth "PiA Phisics in Advent" was held. Young researchers from different countries of the world conducted and analyzed simple, cognitive experiments, made with their own hands from household items, during a 24-day marathon.

After registration, during November 2022, about 1,500 schoolchildren and teachers of secondary schools of Ukraine developed the skills of scientific research and engineering activities.

From the side of Ukraine, the organizers of the event were Iryna Vasylashko, an employee of the STEM education department, the sector of innovative forms and methods of activity of pedagogical workers of the DNU "Institute for the Modernization of the Content of Education" and Natalia Kazachkova, a candidate of pedagogical sciences, a specialist at the Karazin University, who is currently conducting pedagogical research at the Georg-August University of Göttingen, where in 2012 physics professor Arnulf Quadt started this competition.

After watching the videos of the experiments every day for 24 days, the participants had to repeat the experiments with teachers, friends, parents or on their own, choose the correct answer to the question that was asked after the experiment, and send it to the registration system. The competition is a variation on the Christmas advent calendar, but physical.

Despite systematic power outages and communication interruptions, extremely difficult living conditions, real young heroes, school students, did experiments to win the victory and receive prizes, just like their peers in Europe and the whole world. The total number of participants of the event this year was about 70,000 people from all countries of the world.

Currently, it is planned to make the event annual and to sign a Memorandum on further cooperation with Georg-August University of Göttingen. The organizers from Ukraine will make every effort to deliver the prizes from Germany to the winners from Ukraine and solemnly hand them over to all the young participants who make efforts for our victory, study at school and improve their skills and knowledge.

Photo: PiA
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