The Karazin University’s groundhog fortune-teller Timko was released from the Russian occupation

29 вересня 2022 року

The most famous groundhog of the Kharkiv region, Timko III, who every year at the beginning of February predicted the arrival of spring, survived the occupation in the village of Nesterivka of the Velikoburlut community of the Kharkiv region.  The settlement was liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine during a successful counteroffensive in September.


 In the spring, the territory of the biological station of the Karazin University, where about 30 marmots live, came under the occupation of Russian invaders.  Two employees of the station remained with them.


 Volodymyr and Halyna, together with the marmots, have been in occupation near Kharkiv for the past six months.  The people of Karazin did not leave their wards and took care of them all this time.  Thanks to their courageous decision, all the groundhogs remained alive and well.  Now the lives of people and animals are safe.


 Last year, about a ton of food was bought for the groundhogs, so they did not starve during the occupation.  Volodymyr Hrubnyk, head of the laboratory of the ecology of aquatic organisms at the Faculty of Biology of the Karazin University, has already visited the biostation and delivered humanitarian aid from the Red Cross.


 Every day we witness the heroism, humanity and courage of the Ukrainian people, who defend the most dearly and choose the right to exist.  We are proud of the exploits of our soldiers-defenders and believe in the victory of Ukraine!

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