Cultural Artefacts And Belonging: A Comparative Case Study Of Displaced And Refugee Young People And Families In Ukraine

KKNU structure involved: School of sociology
Project coordinator: Vil Bakirov
Project Web page:
Source of funding: Arts and Humanities Research Council Global Challenges Research Fund (AHRC GCRF)
Project reference: AH/V011324/1
Duration: 14 February 2021 – 13 February 2022
Coordinator: University of Oxford, United Kingdom (Lead Research Organisation)
Budget: total — £128 685, KKNU — 22 621,51£


The study will examine the ways that displaced young people in Ukraine transform their identities and sense of belonging in turbulent situations through the use of cultural artefacts. In particular, the study will focus on the role of cultural and linguistic heritage in the transformation of young people’s sense of themselves.


University of Oxford, United Kingdom (Lead Research Organisation)

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