World Oceans Day

8 june 2024 year

June 8 marks World Oceans Day, reminding us of the importance of preserving marine ecosystems. Oceans are the lungs of our planet, providing nearly half of the oxygen we breathe, and are home to incredible biodiversity.

A year ago, due to the criminal actions of the russian aggressor, a massive ecological and man-made disaster occurred — the explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station. This tragedy led to the loss of human and animal lives, catastrophic consequences for the environment: tens of thousands of cubic meters of water flooded large areas, destroying settlements, agricultural land, and posing a threat to the unique ecosystems of the Black Sea.

The daily crimes of russian occupiers against Ukraine not only cause pain and suffering to people but also pose a huge threat to the world. The environmental damage from their actions has global implications. Water pollution, destruction of natural habitats, and threats to marine fauna are all becoming a real danger to the ecological balance on the planet.

Ukraine is currently fighting not only for its independence but also for an ecological future. And in this fight, everyone can become an ally: supporting environmental projects, spreading information about threats to people and the planet, and taking action to protect the environment.

World Oceans Day is not just about oceans; it's about our planet, our home, and our actions to preserve it.

Text: Margaryta Moroz
Photo: Hanna Sereda
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