Karazin University is Conducting Professional Development for Teachers from Various Educational Institutions in Ukraine.

19 february 2024 year

The Center for Postgraduate Education at Karazin University is conducting educational programs for professional development courses for teachers and educators of various disciplines, as well as directors of educational institutions in the Kharkiv region and Severodonetsk city of the Luhansk region. Some participants in the professional development represent educational institutions from three de-occupied village councils, one rural council, and one city council in the Kharkiv region.

Highly qualified academic and pedagogical staff from leading departments of the biological, historical, physical, and chemical schools, the School of Foreign Languages, the Educational and Scientific Institute "Karazin Banking Institute," the Institute of Physical Education and Sports, the Center for Ukrainian Studies and Local Lore named after Academician P. T. Tronko of Karazin University are involved in conducting the educational process.

During the training, participants will engage in lectures on current issues in the development of fundamental sciences, the implementation of model programs in the "New Ukrainian School" for 5th–6th grades, as well as various practical, laboratory, and experimental sessions.

At the inaugural session led by the Director of the Center for Postgraduate Education, Mykhailo Tatarinov, they paid tribute to the memory of Ukrainians who lost their lives since February 24, 2022, provided safety instructions during a state of war, conducted an entrance evaluation, and familiarized educators with the specifics of the educational process according to the schedules.

The educational process will continue until March 4, 2024.

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