The Partnership Achievements between Karazin University and the Kharkiv Regional Social Services Center

7 december 2023 year

On December 6, 2023, a working meeting between representatives of Karazin University and the leadership of the Kharkiv Regional Social Services Center took place to discuss the effectiveness of collaboration in the field of professional development for social workers from various local government structures in the Kharkiv region in 2023.

During the joint work, the Director of the Center for Postgraduate Education at Karazin University, Mykhailo Tatarinov, and the Director of the Kharkiv Regional Social Services Center, Oksana Radich, analyzed the performance in 2023 regarding the modernization of professional competencies for 40 different workers from social service centers, centers for social services for families, children and youth, departments of social protection, territorial centers for social services, and coordination departments of social services in the management of labor and social protection of the population in two rural councils, eight town councils, four city councils, five rural districts, and three cities of regional significance in Kharkiv region.

Oksana Radich highlighted the high professional level of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the Institute of Sociology of Management and Social Work at the School of Sociology at Karazin University during the implementation of lectures and practical classes for participants, expressing sincere gratitude to the university leadership for the work done.

Within the collaborative effort, Mykhailo Tatarinov paid special attention to the practical orientation of conducting sessions for 17 social workers from the de-occupied territories of five territorial communities in Kharkiv region and presented analytical materials on the initial assessment of participants' training.

As a result of the working meeting, priority tasks for the new year 2024 were defined, focusing on the continuation of joint activities in the field of professional development, the thematic scope, and the specificities of working towards the qualitative enhancement of professional competencies for social service workers in rural, town, and city councils of Kharkiv region.

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