International Student Day: the university welcomes

17 листопада 2022 року

On November 17, the student community around the world celebrates its "professional" holiday - International Student Day.

Student years are a unique period in every person's life. The world of science and knowledge is opening before the young generation, full of freedom, new discoveries, acquaintances, bright events and countless opportunities.

In fact, the prerequisites for the establishment of this holiday are quite tragic, because they are connected with the serious pre-war events of 1939 during student protests in the Czech Republic. Nowadays, this day is no longer interpreted as a tragedy. On the contrary, we celebrate youth, development and lust for life.

Today is a double holiday for the Karazinsky student community, because the university is celebrating its 218th anniversary.

The future of our country depends on the students. Therefore, it is important that they feel not only the weight of the baggage of knowledge, but also the support of their teachers, effort and strength for new achievements.

Congratulations on International Student Day! Let studying be interesting, passing exams easy, and the student years, which pass very quickly, leave behind positive impressions and pleasant memories for a lifetime!

Текст: Margarita Moroz
Фото: Victoria Yakymenko
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