Lecture by the researcher of the history of Ukraine and Eastern Europe, professor of Michigan State University Matthew Pauly

13 march 2023 year

A guest lecture by a leading historian, researcher of the history of Ukraine and Eastern Europe, author of many historical books and monographs, professor of Michigan State University Matthew Pauly took place at the Karazin University.

Matthew Pauly's lecture "Evolution of the American Ukrainianist. The Soviet Ukrainization of Schools in the 1920s and 1930s" was a continuation of the series of lectures under the auspices of Karazin University "One Lecture Away from Victory: Speakers of the World in Support of Karazin University".

Ukrainian historian, writer, associate professor of the Faculty of History Denys Zhuravlyov addressed the professor of the University of Michigan with a welcome speech and thanks.

"It is very interesting today to listen to a lecture about such very relevant things as the processes of decommunization, de-Sovietization, because disputes about them continue in Ukraine even today: both about the ultimate goal and about the methods. Therefore, it is very important for the Ukrainian community to hear the opinions of a Western scientist who is interested in Ukrainian history, to look at Ukrainian historical processes from a new angle, to better understand modern Ukrainian problems," said Denys Zhuravlyov.

During the online meeting, Matthew Pauly spoke about his evolution as a researcher of Ukrainian history, culture, and national identity. The scientist talked about his professional path, which he started in Indiana, his work in Kyiv, at the embassy, researching Ukrainian archives.

Matthew Pauly carries out an incredibly important educational mission, which he sees as particularly important in his teaching. He emphasized that his communication with American students should convey that the study of Ukraine as an independent country with its own national identity, identity, history and culture is extremely important.

Matthew Pauly presented his book "Breaking the Tongue: Language, Education and Power in Soviet Ukraine" on the topic of early Soviet policy on nationalities and the intersection between national identity, education and childhood in the Soviet Union on his lecture. His position is that Ukrainian society itself, its struggle for independence became the primary reason for the introduction of the policy of Ukrainization. The scientist investigates the perception of this phenomenon in schools, in society, tells about how it happened in the realities of that time.

The lecture ended with a fruitful discussion, during which Karazin University students raised questions about the development of relations between the United States and Ukraine under the rule of Donald Trump and the Republicans, difficulties during the scientist's research in Ukraine, the connection of the Ukrainian language and culture with American traditions, and Ukrainian historical processes. The researcher shared his hopes to visit Ukraine as soon as possible, including Kharkiv, after our Victory.

We are grateful to Professor Matthew Pauly for an interesting lecture and his contribution to the study of our national history, identity and culture, for his fight against russian propaganda, the essence of which he conveys to American students, showing real history and demonstrating the achievements of our country.

Text: Marharyta Moroz
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