Science Day

21 may 2022 year

Dear colleagues! Dear friends!

We cordially congratulate the thousands of teachers, scientists, doctoral and postgraduate students, students and all employees of Karazin University on their professional holiday — Science Day!

It is science, its creative level, the globality of scientific research in a wide range of modern scientific areas that determine the state, level and competitiveness of higher education in all components of scientific and educational activities, is the main driving force of its development.

Dear scientists of world-famous scientific schools, all those who create science at Karazin University! Thanks to your intellectual, creative inspiration, your latest ideas and inventions, your inspired and persistent work and the efforts of each of the Karazin University community, the achievements and victories, international recognition and rankings of the university are multiplied, its prosperity and development are ensured.

The young generation of scientists continues the glorious scientific traditions of their teachers with dignity.

The University is a leader in university science and education in Ukraine. It is the first and only Ukrainian higher education institution to be included in the list of 500 leading universities in the world according to the international QS Word University Rankings (2022).

Karazin University community carry out research work aimed at addressing the current needs of the state: ensuring Ukraine’s defense capabilities, energy, chemical and biological security, information and cybersecurity, creating artificial intelligence, new materials, structures and systems, including for military purposes, medicine and other.

V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University has great scientific potential.

For 217 years of its history, the university has known different times, unfortunately, both times of revolutions and wars. Today it is the war! It is very difficult for the university, the hometown of science — Kharkiv and the state. It is the scientists, the scientific potential of the university that have always been and remain a safeguard for the revival, formation and development of our famous university.

Today, despite all the difficulties, the university is working, students are studying, research work is being done.

Ukraine will win! We will preserve and honor the bright memory of the fallen educators, scientists, students, university staff and all those who died for the independence and freedom of Ukraine! Together we will rebuild our university, overcome all obstacles and difficulties and do everything to make our Karazinsky, as always, the leader of university science and education, the best university in Ukraine and the leading university in the world!

Dear friends!

It is science that turns an incredible fantasy into reality and changes our lives!

We wish everyone a peaceful sky, good health, inexhaustible energy and creative inspiration, the opening of new scientific horizons and significant achievements for the benefit of the University and our native and free Ukraine!

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