Heavenly Hundred Heroes Day: The University Remembers

20 february 2024 year

On February 20, 2014, became the bloodiest day of the confrontations during the Revolution of Dignity. In the heart of Kyiv, 48 activists lost their lives, marking the highest toll on that day. Together with 59 other casualties of the protests, they were honored as the Heavenly Hundred Heroes.

This day is intended to immortalize the heroes who fought for democratic values and the territorial integrity of Ukraine. To commemorate their courage, dedication, strength of spirit, and resilience.

A clear civic position and readiness to defend it to the end are the qualities that the Heavenly Hundred Heroes possessed and which we continue to uphold today. These are the qualities that soldiers on the front lines preserve. The qualities that motivate Ukrainians to support the military in the rear. The qualities that enable teachers and students to continue the educational process despite any threats.

In 2013, the Heavenly Hundred Heroes chose freedom and dignity. More than 10 years have passed. Much has changed since then. But the goal of Ukrainians remains unchanged: to be able to live freely on independent Ukrainian soil.

Let us honor the memory of the heroes who gave their lives for Ukraine.

Heroes do not die. They hold the sky over Ukraine from above.

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