International Relations Office

International Relations Office is responsible for building a positive image of the University, promoting its brand and increasing its international competitiveness by way of supporting and strengthening international academic cooperation and mobility.

The main goal of the International Relations Office is to provide quality services for the organization of international cooperation and partnership.

International Relations Office renders the following services:

  1. Information: providing information to faculties, departments and other stakeholders on current opportunities for academic mobility, grant and project work, and international cooperation;
  2. Communication: support of relations with diplomatic missions of other states, foreign, international, governmental and non-governmental, educational, scientific, cultural, sports and other organizations, associations, foundations, and institutions both in Ukraine and abroad;
  3. Coordination: support for the activity of the University, its faculties, departments, staff and all stakeholders in academic mobility, grant and project work, international education and cooperation;
  4. Advisory: consultations for the University’s target groups on productive international cooperation;
  5. Organizational: organization of international projects and events, academic mobility, exchanges, business trips; sending University’s target groups outside the country; concluding international agreements; seeking membership in international organizations; arrangement of various forms of training, retraining and internships; conducting international certification tests, as well as providing language courses as preparation for tests;
  6. Promotion and representation: promotion of the University in international academic rankings, media space, international educational, scientific and socio-cultural spheres.

Contact information

Address: Room 3-43, 4 Svobody Sq, 61022, Kharkiv


Natalia OLIYNYK 


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