Coordination Meeting within the Erasmus+ Project "Art of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (Mediation) / ArtNoConflict"

19 february 2024 year
International activities

On February 15–16, 2024, the first coordination meeting took place within the framework of the Erasmus+ project "Art of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (Mediation) / ArtNoConflict."

The meeting was held at the Dutch Business Academy. The event was opened by the institution's rector, Jan van Zviten. He welcomed all participants, shared practical experience in the field of mediation, and discussed the academy's activities. During the meeting, all partners made presentations about their universities and organizations, sharing their experiences working with youth in the field of mediation, facilitation, and negotiations.

The project manager at Karazin University, Yulia Kvitka, outlined the project's goals, main tasks, and expected outcomes, as well as the specific roles of each partner. Throughout the meeting, various communication channels, dissemination rules, reporting, financial management, quality requirements for results, and key tasks for the next six months were discussed.

On the second day, all participants visited a Ukrainian school in Dordrecht, founded by the alumna of the partner university "KROK," Oksana Oliynyk, with the support of Jan van Zviten. This school was established for children aged 12 to 18 who were temporarily forced to emigrate to the Netherlands due to the war. Oksana shared the idea behind founding the school, how they integrate both education systems (Ukrainian and Dutch), the assistance provided by school teachers and the municipality to children and their parents, and how they address conflicts.

Thank you for a productive and engaging meeting!

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