Summer schools and short courses

There have been plans to give access to online language courses run by York’s International Pathway College in conjunction with Kaplan International Pathways to both teachers and students from KKNU as well as to arrange a summer school.

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The International Pathway College (IPC) runs courses for international students who wish to study at undergraduate or postgraduate level at the University of York, but do not meet the standard entry requirements. We also provide a pre-sessional English course for unconditional offer holders to help students settle into life at York.

Run in conjunction with Kaplan International Pathways, our courses aim to improve a student’s study, academic and English language skills, with the aim of progressing onto a degree course.

Karazin University students are offered an opportunity to study English with additional research and cultural components within the courses offered by the University of York, namely:

English Language and Culture: the course is intended to enable the participants to get acquainted with British culture and improve their language skills, including their vocabulary, writing and pronunciation skills. All components of the course are connected through a cultural project that the participants are expected to implement during the training. This small research project will allow the participants to choose one topic from the field of culture and explore it in more detail.

English Language and Business: successful completion of the course will make it possible not only to learn the principles of effective business communication in English and improve skills in giving presentations in English online, but also to deepen knowledge of business theory and implement an interesting research project.

Courses are free for the students of Karazin University.

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